Monday, August 24, 2015

2 bloggers , same piece of clothes

Recently I collaborated with  lovely Ashleigh from a personal style blog Fashionably, Ashleigh. We ordered the same grey shirt and style it differently. Look how cool we made it. We both chose comfortable sneakers, Ashleigh looks more girly beacause of her lace dress, I wore my favourite hat and bag with tassels so it is likely boho style.
 Check her blog girls, she posts more frequently that I do and you can get a lot of inspiration from her looks.

Недавно я сотрудничала с очаровательной Эшли,которая является автором блога "Модно. Эшли". Мы заказали одинаковую серую рубашку и стилизовали ее по-своему. Оба образа получились интересными и друг на друга не похожими.  Хотя мы обе выбрали кеды, у Эшли образ получился более девичьим благодаря кружевному платью,а я свой образ дополнила моей любимой шляпой и сумкой с бахромой. Получилось более богемно.
Заглядывайте в блог Эшли,она часто его обновляет и вы можете найти для себя классные идеи для создания уличных образов!

Shirt: dresslink
Denim skirt: H&M (similar here )
Sneakers: Lacoste Graduate
Hat: Primark
Bag:Primark (similar here )


  1. I love your post as well! I'm looking forward to out next one. :)

  2. Love both outfits!!

    I love your hat.

  3. skirt is sensational :)

  4. Really that you think it about my blog? Thank you. I'm really proud to read this. <3

    I really love both looks. Btw, I prefer the first look with denim skirt. So casual :D

    I'm following you via GFC. Can you follow me back, please? <3

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  5. what a lovely idea! you two both look great :)

    Jessica |

  6. I love the denim skirt and a look 10 !!!

  7. Hello dear, I've just found your blog and now you've
    got a new follower cause your style is lovely! <3
    Furthermore, I've fallen in love with both looks, I think
    the Ashleigh's one is more like my style because
    it looks more girly but I also love yours, and the hat
    is awesome (the truth is that I'm a bit obsessed with hats).

    With love,
    Claire <3

    take a look of my blog if you want:

  8. lovely pics!!

  9. These are lovely pics. I really love them so much with fresh skin
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  10. Me encanta, muy guapa!!



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