Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wedding fashion

What girl doesn't prepare for the wedding before her boyfriend makes a proposal? The answer: no one.
Today I want to discuss about wedding fashion. What dress did you like when you were a child? Probably a beautiful, sumptuous princess dress. And it must be with lace and pearls. 
What dress do you prefer now? Elegant, with expensive sophisticated lace like Kate Middleton's dress (actually a real princess).
Nowadays we can easily get inspiration from celebrities weddings. For example Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarcson's wedding dresses. Alicia had a simple but chic dress in Greek style. Most of all I like her headband made from pearls. It emphasizes the beautiful face of Alicia and gives a good accent to her simple dress. 

 Kelly has chosen a lace old-fashioned dress. She looks like a girl from the 70-s , a little bit hippie, a little bit aristocracy. And also take a look at her gorgeous hair band that decorates the hairstyle and perfectly completes the whole look.

Do you like the dresses of these two talented singers? If you do, you can just show the pictures from weddings to a professional tailoring boutique. But also you can create your own design. Picture it and apply to tailors.
But not always do we have enough time for wedding preparations. So we have to go shopping and try to choose the one gorgeous dress among hundreds of dresses. It is easier to do if you shop online.

 "Lets's have a look at a couple of dresses from  Dressestylist  where you can find   Cheap Wedding Dresses. This online store offers a big variety of beautiful dresses. And some of them are very affordable. For example like this one: elegant, simple, looks like the Alicia's dress. And not more than 150 euro.

And look at this old-fashioned dress with long sleeves . A bride will look romantic and innocent if she chooses this dress.

I only start my discussion about wedding fashion. If you a bride -to be stay tuned for more information.

celebreties pictures from source and source2


  1. This is just a fantastic post on wedding fashion. I also want to have a stylish wedding at the most beautiful event space San Francisco. I just booked the venue and I am really happy that I got pretty discount too!

  2. Gorgeous dresses, they look lovely!

  3. Amazing, this is the most beautiful of one shoulder wedding dresses i have see. They looks like a princess stand in front of me.



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