Friday, December 26, 2014

Wedding fashion part III

Hello ladies!

Today we are going to talk about another two beautiful celebrities' wedding dresses. One famous actress is mostly known as a child movie star. We all watched the Adam's family and Casper. It's stunning Christina Ricci. She tied the knot with James Heerdegen in an intimate ceremony on October 26, 2013 in Manhattan. Christina was wearing a stunning Givenchy haute couture gown that was designed by the present legend Ricardo Tisci. The wedding dress was white silk tulle and had a high neck and long, gorgeous train. The gown had elbow-length sleeves with unusual cut-out shoulders, and featured Chantilly lace appliqué and satin piping. Sophisticated dress-good choice Christina.

Have a look at this dress I found on this wedding store I think it also looks nice ,and the price is much cheaper.

The following beauty is a reality tv star Kim Kardashyan. This time we are discussing her dress fro her las wedding. Gorgeous Kim and talented musician Kanye West (I really think he is a very talented guy) tied the knot at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy. The 33-year-old reality star chosen custom made wedding gown from their close friend Riccardo Tisci. What can I say? The right choice. The lace sleeves and lace panels on her waist accentuated the beauty of a female body. The bride wore her hair down and chosen the simple small earrings. Such a beauty like Kim doesn't need a lot of jeweleries. The wedding was beautiful and popular. I think every celebrity magazine and site wrote about it. I wish them their marriage will last a long time and they will love together as much as this wedding was announced in media.

Here is a little bit different wedding dress, but I love it a lot! This site offers you shipping in any destination. If you live in Liverpool, and lazy to go shopping for a wedding dress. At the beginning you can choose dress at home without visiting  Liverpool wedding stores. (are there brides like no wishing to go for shopping dress? I hope “none of us”). 
This was my wedding discussions today. I hope it's useful for you.
Merry X-mas people!

picture source

Friday, December 19, 2014

Wedding fashion part 2

Dear future and present brides , let's keep on considering different wedding styles. 

Actor Donald Faison (mostly famous for his play in Scrubbs tv show) and brand manager CaCee Cobb got married in 2012. The bride, who carried a cloud of white peonies, chose a gorgeous strapless gown from Kenneth Pool. The skirt of her dress was covered by 3d flowers. It looked fluffy and sophisticated at the same time. I think CaCee has made a right choice wearing her hair down in big hair waves and a long simple veil. Nothing distracts from her lovely face.

If you want to copy her look, you can visit  dressestylist wedding store. Of course you also can look for this dress offline : I am sure there are a lot of London wedding dresses stores   and other cities also have different budget and design stores. But on this website I've found a beautiful fluffy dress for a very humble price. You can add a simple slim necklace to this dress and a long veil like CaCee has done. I am sure you will look great!

The next bride is the charming Ivanka Trump. She and Jared Kushner tied the knot on Sunday October 25, 2009 at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. But the style of her dress is still appropriate now. May be because she had chosen a classic gown from Vera Wang. Embroidered lace gown is the best choice for a humble and elegant lady. The bride wore her hair down in Hollywood style big waves. Ivanka paired the dress with her eponymous jewelry line and carried an all-white bouquet. I think she has a sophisticated aristocracy look. 

This dress is cheaper than the customized Vera Vang's dress for Ivanka Trump. But look how beautiful this A-line high neck chiffon appliques wedding dress is! If you are a humble bride that doesn't want to show a lot of body then this dress must definitely be in your checking list.
My dear brides I hope you enjoyed the article and got a little bit of inspiration from it. Stay tuned till the next one.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Music: the first five

  The first song that I have heard on my fogotten ipod is  Lifehouse "Halfway gone". So it is fair that I put her first on my playlist here. It is a good song:nice music, the text that gives you food for thinking. I like this phrase : Always think there something more is just around the corner.

 Первая песня ,которую я услышала на своем забытом айподе была Lifehouse "Halfway gone".  Поэтому справедливости ради я опубликую ее первой. Хорошая песня,отличная музыка,продуманный текст: мне нравится строчка  Always think there something more is just around the corner.

Coldplay "Violet hill"  . Coldplay has copule of super good songs. I don't know the authors of them. May be it is actually the band, or an invitee. But the authors of "Violett hill" are very talented guys.  There is an official video but it is so low quality movie that I think  this song doesn't deserve the video like that. In my humble opinion it's one of the best group's works.  У Coldplay есть парочка гениальных песен. Не знаю кто их автор,сами ребята или какие-то приглашенные музыканты,но 3-4 их песни у меня в фаворитах. Одна их них "Violett hill" . Странно,что на нее не сняли клип и особо не пиарили. В этой песне чувствуется безответная влюбленная обреченность (вот как хотите так и понимайте,что я имела ввиду).
Incubus "Love hurts". This song is just a pure magic. I don't know how talented should be a musician to write such a beautiful song.  Listen to these lines :                                    
Sometimes When I'm Alone I Wonder
  Is There A Spell That I Am Under         Keeping Me From Seeing The Real Thing
Incubus - талантливые недооценные ребята. Последние года три они вообще ничего нового не выпускают,а жаль. "Love hurts"-просто нереальная песня,там такие слова,такая музыка.Как вам эти строчки :  
Sometimes When I'm Alone I Wonder Is There A Spell That I Am Under Keeping Me From Seeing The Real Thing
 Она как и "viollet hill" современный музыкальный шедевр.
Backstreet boys "Siberia". I am a huge fan of BSB. It happened  15 years old. Time goes,I became a grown-up,but still sometimes love to listen to their old and new songs. This song was not a single.But it can heal your song and be a good  accompaniment while you are crying because of a breaking heart. Я большой фанат Backstreet boys уже более 15 лет. Вот я выросла,у меня семья,ребенок, а как слышу какую-нибудь песню BSB где-нибудь в городе и прям балдею. Большинству из вас BSB знакомы по нетленнным хитам 2000-х ,а ведь они и потом выпускали альбомы,в которых есть много интересных композиций,способных залечить душу."Siberia" одна из них.
Nickelback "Saving me". These guys once in a while make a good song. "Saving me" is  mostly a pop- rock ballad. Backstreet boys also could perform it. The lyrics has a sense the melody is catchy. Enjoy! Nickelback хорошие ребята,раз в тройку лет,выпускающие хиты,которые слышны из каждого утюга. На западе они дико популярны,в России по-меньше. "Saving me" не рок композиция,  Backstreet boys тоже могли бы ее исполнить,но от этого она не становится плохой. Песня мелодичная,со смыслом. Рекомендую к прослушиванию.
What song do you like the most? Stay tuned ! Какая песня вам понравилось больше всего? До скорой встречи в блоге!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

For rainy days

For rainy days I bought these rubber boots on The standard shipping to the Netherlands was only 4 days. It is so cool, so I am gonna to buy much more by online shopping here. Sales have started in the Netherlands . And now it  is very important not to go crazy like I have done today on H&M sale. Good luck ladies in hunting good stuff!

На дождливую погоду я купила себе эти резиновые сапоги с сайта Стандартная доставка пришла мне всего за 4 дня! Так как в Россию посылка может идти и месяц, для меня такая скорость-отличная новость. Буду больше заказывать онлайн,к тому же скоро начнется сезон скидок. Главное не сойти с ума на распродаже и не похватать не нужных ,плохого-качества вещей,как я сделала сегодня в H&M. Так что удачи и благоразумия,Вам дамы, в охоте за стильными и доступными вещами!

rubber boots: Asos

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wedding fashion

What girl doesn't prepare for the wedding before her boyfriend makes a proposal? The answer: no one.
Today I want to discuss about wedding fashion. What dress did you like when you were a child? Probably a beautiful, sumptuous princess dress. And it must be with lace and pearls. 
What dress do you prefer now? Elegant, with expensive sophisticated lace like Kate Middleton's dress (actually a real princess).
Nowadays we can easily get inspiration from celebrities weddings. For example Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarcson's wedding dresses. Alicia had a simple but chic dress in Greek style. Most of all I like her headband made from pearls. It emphasizes the beautiful face of Alicia and gives a good accent to her simple dress. 

 Kelly has chosen a lace old-fashioned dress. She looks like a girl from the 70-s , a little bit hippie, a little bit aristocracy. And also take a look at her gorgeous hair band that decorates the hairstyle and perfectly completes the whole look.

Do you like the dresses of these two talented singers? If you do, you can just show the pictures from weddings to a professional tailoring boutique. But also you can create your own design. Picture it and apply to tailors.
But not always do we have enough time for wedding preparations. So we have to go shopping and try to choose the one gorgeous dress among hundreds of dresses. It is easier to do if you shop online.

 "Lets's have a look at a couple of dresses from  Dressestylist  where you can find   Cheap Wedding Dresses. This online store offers a big variety of beautiful dresses. And some of them are very affordable. For example like this one: elegant, simple, looks like the Alicia's dress. And not more than 150 euro.

And look at this old-fashioned dress with long sleeves . A bride will look romantic and innocent if she chooses this dress.

I only start my discussion about wedding fashion. If you a bride -to be stay tuned for more information.

celebreties pictures from source and source2

Friday, December 5, 2014

Music: BBC music sound 2015

As I said in 2 posts ago I am gonna  write about music in my blog. This idea came across me when I found my ipod that I didn't see for a long time (may be 2 years). I took it for my walk and discovered cool songs that I almost have forgotten. It was such a good feeling to listen to good music. And I decided that people should know what I listen to.
This week I saw some dutch TV show. (I don't understand dutch, but sometimes I just watch it with my husband). They were talking about BBC music sound 2015. Every year BBC music sound released the longlist of talented musicians. The top five will be named on 5 January and the winner will be announced on  9 January.  This list is prepared by music experts, so to be even in a shortlist is a big deal.Here is the names of 15 luckies: Shamir, Sunset sons, James Bay,George The Poet, Years & Years, Kwabs, Rae Morris, Lapsley, Soak, Raury,Novelist,Shura,Slaves,Stormzy,Wolf Alice.
Previous years the winners were Adel, Elle Goulding, Sam Smith and others (you can google it).
As I am also claimed myself a music expert of  our appartment's boundaries. I  released my own shortlist.
 I hope you like the songs and add them into your  playlist.

Вот и мой первый пост о музыке. Я упоминала ранее,что собираюсь писать о своих любимых композициях. Эта идея пришла мне в голову случайно. Я нашла свой айпод,который не слушала года 2. Взяла его на прогулку с ребенком и,когда он уснул,послушала свои любимые треки. Меня накрыло позитивной энергией,приятными воспоминаниями,и даже одухотворенностью. И я решила,что обязательно должна поделиться своими находками. Люди должны знать ,что я слушаю. Раз в неделю я буду публиковать видео из 5-7 песен,которые заслуживают оказаться в вашем плейлисте. 
Сегодня пост немного необычен. На днях я смотрела передачу (типа Ургантшоу) на голландском телевидение. И там обсуждали BBC sound music 2015. Насколько я поняла,ежегодно английский канал BBC  публикует список из 15 потенциально-успешных исполнителей-музыкантов. Далее этот список укорачивается до 5 имен. А 9 января озвучат победителя. За исполнителей голосуют эксперты в музыкальной индустрии,поэтому даже попасть в лонглист из 15 имен считается большой удачей.А вот и счастливчики: Shamir, Sunset sons, James Bay,George The Poet, Years & Years, Kwabs, Rae Morris, Lapsley, Soak, Raury,Novelist,Shura,Slaves,Stormzy,Wolf Alice. В предыдущих годах победителями были Adel,Elle Goulding, Sam Smith и другие. 
Так как,я считаю себя музыкальным экспертом ,хотя бы в пределах собственной квартиры. Я публикую свой шортлист из 3-х имен. Надеюсь вы оцените этих исполнителей,и они окажутся в вашем плейлисте.

Susnset Sons "Remember"

Kwabs "Walk"
Years&Years "Take a shelter" 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cheсk print trend is on!

Last year we all were getting crazy about tartan print here is my look, this season we choose the bold check print. So check me!  The name of the prints are different:gingham  shirt, grid print cardigan and bold check scarf. But actually they are all checked. And I want more and more clothes items with this hot trend. How do you like  checked clothes? Do you have any clothes with these prints?

В прошлом году все сходили сума по принту тартан.Вот мой зимний образ. В этом сезоне в моду вошел решетчатый принт (именно так на асосе перевели grid print) . Интересно,что в английском языке есть целых три разновидности клеток,и все они на мне: рубашка в мелкую клеточку (gingham print), кардиган с решетчатым принтом (grid print) и шарф в клетку ( bold check print). А как вам этот тренд? Успели что-нибудь приобрести?

cardigan: New Look
beanie and scarf: Pieces


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