Sunday, October 14, 2012

I want to go out of the fall

Hi everyone!
How is your mood? Today I am in a bad mood, i don't like the weather  at all! It's so cold and the humidity is so high in Holland. My only wish to stay at home under the blanket. Anyway,no complaining, my husband and I went to a cafe to drink tea with our friends.After this meeting we made these pictures. How do you like my hat? And my fall look?  

Всем привет!
Как ваше настроение? Надеюсь вы не хандрите как я. В Голландии такая высокая влажность,что холод здесь прям насквозь пронизывает. Так и хочется остаться дома под одеялом. Тем не менее, стараюсь не жаловаться))), я со своим мужем ходили попить чай в кафе и встретиться с друзьями и их маленькой ,очаровательной дочкой. После встречи мы и сделали эти фото. Как вам моя шляпа? И в целом мой осенний образ?

Hat: H&M
scarf: H&M
Coat: twentythree from the lady sting store
Boots: Zara


  1. Your look is great!!! I also I have the hat and I love.

  2. what a great outfit! you have an amazing style. these photographs make me want winter!

    lindsey louise

  3. I love your outfit:) And now i'm your follower no.100 !!:)

  4. I love your boot and your hat with the matching scarf :)

    Any way thank you for visiting my blog. :) You have a new follower. It's me!

    <3 Marse

  5. I love your hat! It is definitely very fall :) I hope your humidity calms down soon! That's the worst.

    <3 Josephine

  6. Great hat!Lovely blog. What about following each other?

  7. The coat is nice and I love it with burgundy accents.

  8. a very chic look dear !
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If u want we can follow each other on gfc n bloglovin. Let me know.

  9. love the hat and the boots! xx

  10. Beautiful outfit! I really like your coat! Great blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  11. Very cute outfit :)

  12. Gorgous outfit! You have a beautiful blog. Thank you so much for visiting mine. Would like to follow each other? xoxo

  13. krasivaya )

    давай взаимное ПЧ? =)))

  14. I love your style! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Would you like to follow each other?

    Much Love,

  15. What a lovely look. I like your hat, coat and boots. Thanks for visiting my blog and sweet thoughts.


  16. В Москве сегодня выпал снег, а потом вообще полил дождь... Судя по фотографиям, в Голландии намного теплее!
    PS: очень нравится ваша шляпка)) давно хочу купить себе подобную, но всё не знаю как вписать в свой гардероб



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