Friday, September 28, 2012

Dream sneakers with gradient sweater

Hello guys!
How are you? What is the weather at your place? Here in Holland the weather became better so we start to go for a long walk. Now about my outfit, as I came into H&M store I again realized how poor collection in H&M store in Ufa. Here besides, Lana del Ray collection there are a lot of great items. I bougth this gradient sweater (by the way there are more colors, red-yeloow and grey-white also lookm awesome) and corduroy navy pants (i think this winter it will become a hot trend). AAAAnd i put on my best September  purchase , sneakers with platform. They are so comfortable and stylish! I am in love with them!!! I really want to buy the other pair in  another color, and different brand. If you hesitate in buying these sneakers,I tell you-buy it! They are awesome!
I am looking forward my trip to Paris I hope I will get some shows during Paris Fashion Week, at least I really want to meet interesting people there.

Now I know where Batman lives

Sweater H&M divided
Pants H&M
Sneakers Topshop


  1. OMG!!!! Love them!!!
    Kisses from

  2. Hi, lovely sneakers, I just came across your blog, it is lovely.
    Lets follow each other?

    Dusana :-)



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