Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Natural cosmetics: my experience

Behind Lush box my lovely cat!
This post I want to tell you about natural cosmetics that I used. I had a birthday gift lately (I am 24 already 2 days :), it was a red box of Lush cosmetics. It includes Fair trade foot lotion, Ocean shampoo,lip balm none of your beeswax,skin's shangri la face cream, gorgeous face cream. It smells  nice  and the ingredients in products are natural, so I like it. Most of all I like the shampoo, it is 50% sea salt crystals, so when you apply it starts to froth. And it leaves your hair very clean.
Also I used very long time 2 other extremely cool and useful products are L'occitane rose body creme and Clay Esthe hair mask. L'occitane creme is the best thing I ever tried, it is like hollywood celebraties product!The substaance is so smooth and tender! I love it a lot and use as a face creme too. The next thing is Clay Esthe hair mask, it's japanese brand, I used cold and hot masks, they both are cool. Your hair become so shiny and healthy.Also cold one has such a wonderful smell!! It's my fav hair product. So, guys I hope you leave me feedback of these products also in comments.

L'occitane rose body creme and Clay Esthe hair mask

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