Monday, February 27, 2012

Blue shadows

 Hello people!
Finally it's getting warmer in Russia, anyway during this photosession I got cold. Of course,don't do it if there is no warm shelter close to the place of photoshoot.
Anyway this week I went outside more often, I watched 2 movies in cinema: "Ghost rider" and  "Jorney : the Mysterious Island".  I can recommend you to go and watch the 2nd movie,it's kind and interesting ,I watched it in Imax, so it's really breathtaking. But the 1st one,'Ghost rider" is awfully terrible!!!! Even Nicolas Cage can't save this movie.There  are only special effects in the movie. So, it's my opinion.
Have a nice day!

Jacket: H&M
Sweater: Cool cat
Snood: Six
Bag: Six
Skirt: Mango
Boots: Carnaby
Nail polish: Rimmel 819 Grey with envy


  1. your style is amazing!
    I love your skirt :)

  2. совершенно очаровательный шарф)

    буду рада видеть в своем блоге:

  3. thank you for your comment and your hype! hope we can follow each other! :)
    im glad ive known your blog! lovely pictures with the snow behind and your mint details look great specially your purse!
    hope we can stay in touch!



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