Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eurosonic 2012

Hello,everyone who comes to my blog!
Last week there was an extremely cool and excited event in Holland. Eurosonic in the streets of Groningen. I heard a lot about this festival, but I always have no opportunity to pay enough attention to it. This time it happened and I was really excited to see all groups and musicians.Eurosonic is a big musical festival that takes place every year in Groningen, Holland. as I have been in Barcelona I couldn't see the first day of the festival , its opening, I 'm really sad about it. But I have seen some performances at the open air stage and also I have been at the final day in the concert hall. Let me introduce some interesting bands to your attention. I saw their live perfomance , they rock :)
Asteroids Galaxy Tour    
I think most of you know their music from Heineken ad. The song is "Golden age".  But soon they released a new single from the 2nd album, and I love it a lot. It's "Heart attack"

The next music band that I opened for myself is Go Back To Zoo. It's a Dutch group, most of all I like their probably the most famous song "Beam me up" which is used in Nike ad.
Go back to Zoo on the stage

The next one is Dj Kypski and the Matangi string quartet. 
They were so cool! I have not heard something like this before, it was a mix of scratching&dubstep and classical music. I recommend you to listen to them.

So guys, enjoy the music!

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