Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snowhite beauty

I love Snowhite girls. These girls have pale skin, dark hair, slender bodies. They have charming secret beauty. What colours look best on pale skin? In my opinion it is dark blue, red, black, purple, burgundy. All of them are cold shades. 
I picked a number of celebraties pictures. These Hollywood stars have everything to be considered as a Snowhite.
 Dite von Teese
 Kirstin Stuart

 Emily Blunt
 Rose McGowan
 Rose McGowan
 Emily Blunt
 Dita von Teese
Rose McGowan
Anne Hathaway


  1. I love these colours on pale skin. I have pale skin and I usually like to wear blacks and greys more, I don't think I own any bright colours really! Definitely think a lot of jewel tones suit pale skin, and black!



  2. I love this look too! I'm so excited that both Kristin Stewart and Anne Hathaway are playing Snow White in upcoming movies. Hopefully they'll both be good!

  3. to Sarah
    you are definetly Snowhite girl!

    to Mandy
    I also look forward the movies. But does Ann Hathaway also play in Snowhite movie, if i;m not mistaken Lily Colins plays in the movie as Snowhite

  4. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)
    wanna follow each othr?
    Dream Big! xoxo



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