Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Green sweater cheers you up!

Hello,everyone!! Today was a rather grey day, and i want to cheer up myself with H&M green sweater , i wrote about it here. Probably this look is my best, i wear my bf shirt under the sweater, new H&M brogues from sale ( i bought it only for 10 euros) and bag from the flea market also at lowest price-only 10 euro!
As for sales, before Christmas it was already sales around, but after the holiday it's a real craziness! Today I've been in Zara , there sale only starts, so I haven't bought anything, there were too many people, clothes on the floor, I escaped. I will drop by there in a couple of days, when people get calm. Hope I'll find my sizes)))
Wish you nice purchases!!



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