Wednesday, October 26, 2011

About Cambridge Satchel Company Bag

 Lately I noticed that a lot of bloggers prefer the bag from Cambridge Satchel Company. It doesn't look sophisticated or glamorous, it is more suitable for real students or hipsters. There are different sizes of the bag , you can buy a little one for notebooks and some small staff like pens, phone,lipstics etc. or a big one that are good for A4 folders. I can't say that I fall in love when I saw it first time, but I like its different colors . Especially some neons like a light green, fluorescent pink and yellow. Also there two nice strong points of this bag : every satchel is handmade and the price is not big, its average price is about 130 euros.
What's your opinion about this bag?

Elle Fanning

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stripes, pleats and the autumn sun

 Today the weather was so warm and sunny. It truly was a golden autumn day! I went walking outside the city wearing my favourite stripes t-shirt and red pleated skirt. I found this skirt in the New Yorker store , I wanted a pleated skirt and red skirt, and unexpectedly found a skirt with these two features. It costed only 1000 roubles , that's about 25 euros! That was a good  deal! ))))
Wish you a nice Indian summer!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

While flying

 It's fall in my place! I bought a new camere, and first what we did was taken pictures in this beautifull time. I have very confused felling about the fall, it's definetly beautifull , mix of green and yellow and red colors, but the weather! it's raining and so windy!!! So I'm in warm, brown colors outfit.


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