Monday, May 9, 2011

Photoshoots as inspiration

Web-site has done a great job. It turns out to be that illustrators use photoshoots as inspirations forr their works. Sometimes theu just take the main idea of the shoot6but there are cases when they draw an exact copy. Enjoy these works!
 Steven Meisel's "Patterns" vs Chuck Sperry's "English Beat"

 Cecil Beaton vs Droopbomb

 Christina Aguilera for Versace by Steven Meisel vs Edith Lebeau's "Le Cirque"

 Tim Walker's "A Private World" vs Chuck Sperry's (repeat offender alert) "Phoenix"

 Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott "Call of Nature" vs Julie Zarate's "Imprisoned "

 McQueen's Plato Atlantis (not an actual painting but fashion related) vs Mostly Wanted
 Gemma Ward by Mikael Jansson vs Mesuleena

 Mario Sorrenti's "Fashion Through The Ages" vs Tin's (another major repeat offender) "Pokey"

 Corrine Day's "The Girl From Oz" vs Tin's (also he really likes Gemma Ward) "Push"

 Patrick Demarchelier's "To Dye For" vs Leslie Ditto's "Bell Toll"

 Javier Vallhonrat "Light and Fantastic" vs Melanie Vote

 Steven Meisel's "Think Pink" vs Tin's "Hi"

 Mario Sorrenti's "Sanctuary" vs Nicole Absher's "Untitled"

Mario Testino's "Sasha" vs Tin

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